Teen Advisory Board

The Next Generation of Leaders

Teen Advisory Board Applications are now open!

A Teen Advisory Board is a group committed to revolutionizing the way Teens use the library. TAB members will meet monthly to plan events that will benefit the youth of Logan County. Members will generate ideas, plan events, attend and lead programs, volunteer for additional library events, promote our agenda, and represent the library with a positive attitude. TAB members will regularly work in situations that develop professional skills.

Extended through September 18th. Visit the application for full details.

2019 TAB Information

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Who We Are

The Logan County Library Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is a teenager-run volunteer group that organizes activities for ages 10-18. This group gives teenagers an opportunity to influence the library’s events and experience working in a group environment. Members of various backgrounds, races, cultures, and ages all work together to better the library. These local teenagers have a positive effect for the community while working with new friends.

After an exceptionally successful summer program in 2018, the Logan County Library recognized the need for more influence from the teenage community. Thus, the idea of TAB was born. After applicants for the board were interviewed, the first official meeting of TAB was held in August. In September, the officer elections were held and members voted on a president, vice president, secretary, historian, treasurer, and reporter. In October, the results of the election were announced. Sean Simpson for president, Korissa Holloman for vice president, Brittany Runyon for secretary, Leigha Browning for historian, Aidan Simpson for treasurer, and Jordan Foster for reporter. Each meeting so far, we’ve had successful outcomes and brilliant ideas come to life for and during events.

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What We Do

TAB members meet once a month to discuss ideas for Library events and plan future activities. With the exception of library oversight, TAB’s activities are completely teen-run and teen-planned. Whether it’s planning, advertising, or setting up, TAB members gain beneficial skills, many of which are useful for job experience. Members of TAB learn to work as a group, plan effectively, compile advertisements, manage resources, and express their creative talents.

Mission Statement

The Logan County Public Library Teen Advisory Board is committed to creating a youth (10-18 years) inclusive library. By utilizing various resources and popular media, we strive to create a welcoming atmosphere for teenagers in our community.

Adopted September 24th, 2018

Picture of the TAB officers
Picture of the TAB board

Code of Conduct

  • Be mature Teen Advisory Board members will behave like good adults during meetings and when out in the community.
  • Be respectful Teen Advisory Board members will be courteous and act with the golden rule.
  • Be equal Teen Advisory Board members will treat others with respect and without prejudice.
  • Be sincere Teen Advisory Board members will always say what they mean and mean what they say.
  • Be helpful Teen Advisory Board members will be available to help when and wherever needed.

Adopted September 24th, 2018

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