Mobile Library Information

Let us bring entertainment and learning to you

What is the Mobile Library?

The Mobile Library is our revamped home delivery service! Let us bring learning and entertainment directly to you.


Who can use the Mobile Library delivery service?

The goal is to reach anyone who has difficulty getting to the physical buildings for ANY reason—if it would help you, it is for you—and is open to anyone who lives in Logan County.


What if I don’t have a library card?

Let us know when you apply or call us at 270-726-6129 and we will walk you through the process.


How often will you stop at my house?

Currently, we are running each route every other week. This is subject to change as we build our audience, but current home delivery folks will be the first to know.


How do I return items?

Home delivery can be returned by leaving the tote it was delivered in on your porch, if you registered for contactless delivery; by returning them at any branch; or by setting up a time with the Mobile Librarian when they contact you about delivery.


What if I won’t be home that week?

If you won’t be at home during a delivery period, just give us a call or leave a note in your pick up box as soon as you know.


What will you bring me/how much can I get?

Each delivery will be a single tote that can be as full as we can get it and still seal the lid. Whether you only want 2 books this delivery or as many movies and books as we can get in there. You can request specific items by filling out the card that comes in your delivery tote or giving us a call at 270-726-6129. Please note that it may take several deliveries to get you specific items. Our normal checkout limits— 10 DVDs, 99 books—still apply.


What if I don’t know what I want, can I browse?

The Mobile Library is not set up for browsing at this time. Please fill out the interest card in as much detail as possible and our librarians will pick out a selection that suits your interests.


What if I need them longer than 2 weeks?

No worries! As long as it isn’t on reserve for someone, we will renew them for you. If you know you’ll need them longer, you can renew them on our website, or give us a call to confirm that no one is waiting for them. Either way, we are a fine free library—as long as we get them back within 8 weeks of their due date, you won’t be charged.


Is there a cost?

The Mobile Library service is completely free if all items are returned in usable condition. Damaged and lost items are charged the same as they would be with in-person checkouts.


What if I don’t want items I have to worry about returning?

If you are concerned about damaging or losing items, we also have several online, self-returning options available. The Libby (books and audiobooks), hoopla (books, movies, music, etc.), and Kanopy (movies, TV shows, documentaries) apps are all available on most mobile devices and their websites are available via


How do I apply?

Follow the link below or call us at 270-726-6129. The more information you provide, the more accurate your box will be to your tastes.

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