Maker Market

Craft Fair 2022

General Information

The Logan County Public Library is pleased to announce an open call for vendors for the return of our LCPL Maker Market on November 5th.

LCPL strives to have a visible community presence while offering diverse programs for our community’s needs and interests. The fair is an opportunity for local artists to show their wares and provides opportunities to connect with other creative folks, while pairing art enthusiasts with beautiful creations.


Logan County Public Library

225 Armory Drive

Russellville, Kentucky 42276

Event Date: 11/5/2022/, 9:00am-2:00pm

Contact Information

Phone: 270-726-6129 ex. 108


Accepted Mediums

Handmade only, please.

  • Ceramics
  • Clay
  • Digital Art
  • Fiber
  • Food
  • Functional Art
  • Glass
  • Jewelry
  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Wood
  • Works on Paper
  • Other hand made crafts


Vendors will be provided with complimentary water and coffee.

Booth Information

  • Booth size — 6′ X 6′ (indoor) 5′ rolling table provided on request.
    • Should the weather be nice, vendors may opt to bring a table and 10×10 tent to set up on the lawn, with advanced notice.
  • There will be no half-booth nor booth-and-a-half sized spots.
  • If we hit capacity, we will curate for variety (i.e. 1-2 potters, 1-2 jewelry makers, with clear differences) to ease competition.
  • Booth assignments will be made by LCPL by their own assignment criteria.
  • We do our best to honor booth location requests, but cannot guarantee a preferred booth space. If you chose to set up outdoors, it will be in the lawn areas; please consider bringing shims to balance or stabilize displays or tables.
  • LCPL cannot guarantee that a business exhibiting similar products, or a competitor, will not be located in a nearby or adjoining booth space.
  • LCPL also reserves the right to reconfigure booth space and relocate a booth as necessary with the understanding that the Vendor shall be notified prior to such relocation.

Rules and Regulations

  • In order to provide this fair for free, we ask that all vendors provide a small demo of their work. These will be scheduled for 10-20 minutes (or more, if needed) and can be held at your booth or in the cafe area, your choice.
  • For the safety of persons and products, ALL TENTS MUST BE WEIGHTED to support them in the event of wind and/or rain.
  • The Vendor shall maintain their display booth.
  • Vendors are responsible for all sales tax and applicable licensing.
  • It is understood and agreed that the Vendor is acting as an independent contractor in their capacity hereunder.  The Vendor shall be responsible for all acts or omissions of its employees and volunteers. Nothing contained in this Agreement or in the relationship of the Logan County Public Library (LCPL) and the Vendor shall be deemed to constitute a partnership, joint venture or agency relationship between LCPL and the Vendor.
  • PLEASE DO NOT BRING PETS (Note: Service animals are welcome). While animals make wonderful companions, an arts festival just is not the place for your pet friend. Permission may be granted under special circumstances, with the caveat that the Vendor must talk with LCPL administration prior to the show and, if granted, must comply with specific rules.
  • Electric Power on the library grounds is limited and availability cannot be guaranteed. Those exhibitors who are near an electrical outlet may use it and should provide their own outdoor service extension cord. Extension cords must be placed so as not to create a tripping hazard.
  • No parking spaces shall be reserved for Vendors. There will be parking information provided with registration, and parking maps will be available upon request.
  • LCPL has the sole right to determine eligibility for a product or a company in its exposition.
  • LCPL has the right to change the location of assigned space for an Vendor.
  • Vendor agrees not to assign nor to sublet the allotted space.
  • Vendor may display or advertise only goods and services normally created or offered in the course of its business. Vendor must not display items that have not been juried and may not display items that are not homemade/crafted.
  • All Vendors agree to staff their booths during show hours.
  • LCPL reserves the right to restrict booth size, noise, character, lights, entertainment, and methods of operation that it deems objectionable. Any behavior or equipment that Management finds to detract from the general appearance and intention of the Exposition may be grounds for eviction. Vendors are encouraged to check with Management before the Exposition regarding any item that Management might find objectionable.
  • ​LCPL has the right to establish rules for the show and the use of exhibit space covered by this agreement, including but not limited to placement of all decorations, signage, and display items. LCPL may require the replacement or redecorating of an item, display, or booth and no costs shall accrue to Management because of such necessity. Vendors are responsible to cover or fix all areas LCPL may consider unsightly at Vendor’s expense. Should Vendor fail to follow Exposition deadlines for installation in terms of occupying the agreed-upon booth space, LCPL shall repossess said space and Vendor forfeits all claims to it. No Vendor shall have the right to dismantle, unpack, or vacate a stand prior to the end of the official show hours without the express written permission of LCPL. LCPL reserves the right to amend and enforce Exposition regulations as it deems proper to assure the success of the event.
  • Vendor is responsible for timely submission of application. Should Vendor fail to submit application by deadline, LCPL shall have the right to repossess any assigned space after notifying Vendor in writing of the intent to do so.
  • Vendors are solely and fully responsible for their own exhibits, property and persons, and should insure against any loss or damage.
  • LCPL shall have the authority to set event hours, which may change upon notice to vendors.
  • Distribution of Vendor literature and materials is limited to the confines of vendor stand space.​

Instructions for Applying as a Vendor

Please fill out the online application at the link below.

Please submit 3 pictures of your work. We want to see your products so we can try not to place you next to someone selling similar things.

There is no fee for application or booth space. This is a free event for vendors and our community.

Application Deadline: 10/5 11:59PM CDT

This is now a waiting list. You will be contacted if a table opens to confirm interest.

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