Interlibrary Loan

Get it from another library

Can’t find what you are looking for in our catalog?

An Interlibrary Loan form can be completed at one of our locations or submitted below to borrow the item from another library.  No more than 3 Interlibrary loans can be submitted at a time. You will receive notification when the item has arrived. This process takes at least 2 weeks to complete, so please allow time for our staff to fill your request.


Renewing a Loan

If you would like to renew a loan, please contact one of our staff members 3 days before the due date. Any renewal requests received following the time period mentioned above will be denied.  Renewing an Interlibrary Loan depends entirely on the outside library loaning the book.  They hold the right to deny a renewal.


Late Fees

Late fees for Interlibrary Loans are $1.00 per day.


Book Request versus Interlibrary Loan

A book request form is filled out for titles that have been released within the last year. When a request is received, we consider it for purchase for our collection.  If the request is denied, you may fill out an Interlibrary loan form to borrow the title from another library.

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