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Summer Learning 2022 - Parks and Prizes!

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Beside having fun, another goal of Summer Learning is about keeping up the habit of reading through the summer, so instead of tracking books that favor fast readers, or time that favor readers that already have good focus, we are tracking DAYS this year. Read a book, a page, 2 minutes, of a novel, a comic book, an audio book, a magazine, a non-fiction DIY book–whatever YOU like–for 3 days a week to receive a weekly prize. Hit day goals to get extra tickets into a dozen grand prize drawings for the end of July. Log them on Beanstack or a paper log available at the library.
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1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Reading with your child is a great way to set them up for success when they begin school, and we want to incentivize the activity. Read with your child and track what you read together (repeats are great!) and when you hit milestones, your child gets a prize.

How many books do we need to read?

to finish before kindergarten (all numbers are rounded UP)

1 Year

1000 a year

20 a week

3 a day

2 Years

500 a year

10 a week

2 a day

3 Years

334 a year

7 a week

1 a day

Tips for reading with your child

Read WITH your child, not TO your child: Using books to talk your child to sleep is fine–it boosts vocabulary!–but sitting with them and asking them questions to keep them engaged is even better. When they are reading with you, they are learning to read themself.

Set a schedule: It’s easier to read with your child if it is part of your routine. 20 minutes before your bedtime routine or after breakfast every day will go a long way.

Let them pick the stories: if building a love of reading is the goal, letting your child chose what they like is a big step to getting them there.

Reread the same books, if they want to: We know the 40th reading is tiresome, but rereading is great for your kids. They gain word recognition and build a new story for themselves every time (and you’ll be even better at reading it).

Have fun: Reading together can be a wonderful bonding experience. It gives you a dedicated time for your child and things to talk about through the day. It can even be a whole family endeavor.